Hymer Motorhome Buyers Guide

Note this article is based around late 90’s to mid 00’s Hymer A-class vans, specifically our 1999 Hymer B544.

Hymer Motorhomes have a bit of a reputation for quality build and being able to out-last many of the other Marques available. Our van is 20 years old at the time of writing and has covered over 220,000km, and whilst it has generally been good to us there are still many things that have needed attention over the years – here’s a list of all the issues with our bus, so you can look out for the same problems if you are looking for a similar vehicle! There are also links to articles on fixing some of the issues.

Like many other motorhomes, our van is based on a Fiat Ducato chassis. This article only covers the Hymer bits, not the Fiat bits! See here for a separate article on the Fiat chassis.

1&2 – both rear lights cracked – replaced with new units (one replaced more than once!)

3 – Rear cross-member rusted – removed and welded

4 – Rear window seal failed between inner and outer pane – glued back together

5 – Fridge vent cracked – replaced with new unit

1 – Electric Hook-Up socket hinge failed – socket replaced

2 – Locker hinge failed – hinge replaced

3 – Cassette door lock failed

1 – Motorised step gear worn out – repaired

2 – Motorised step open detection switch failed – replaced with generic microswitch

3 -Steady-legs siezed solid – dismantled and rebuilt

4 – Grey waste release valve failed – valve replaced

1 – Door catch failed – replaced

2 – Door lock damaged – repaired

3 – Awning light failed – replaced

1 – Water filler cap lock broken (and cap then lost in the snow at Alpe d’Huez!) – replaced

2 – Gas locker latch fixing broken – re-riveted on to hatch

3 – Wing mirror fixing loose and mirror cap lost – fixing repaired and mirror cap replaced

1 – Awning rail coming away from roof – removed and re-fixed

2 – Roof seal leaking at joint – re-sealed

3 – Corner marker light broken – replaced

4 – Windscreen seal leaking at corner – re-sealed

1 – Bathroom cabinet hinge failed – currently bodged with a piece of a wine cork!

2 – Both mirrors have fallen off the bathroom wall (at different times) – reattached

3 – Shower head cracked – Replaced. Shower tap body cracked – currently held together with cable ties awaiting replacement…….

1 – Fridge failed on gas – various fixes here, here & here

2 – Sink tap leaking (underneath worktop) – tap replaced

3 – Bathroom door catching at lower edge – removed and re-hung

4 – Fluorescent light diffuser cracked – currently held together with tape!

5 – Basin waste leaking – replaced with basket type waste

1 – Kitchen skylight broken – replaced

2 – 12V power issues – Elektroblock replaced (also article on creating an alternative 12V charging and distribution system here)

3 – Centre section of cupboard door broken away from rest of door (same for most doors in the van!) – glued & screwed back into place

1 – Trim coming away from over-bed rail – rail removed and trim re-fixed

2 – Drop-down bed clunky – mechanism tightened up

1 – Truma boiler PCB failed – replaced

2 – Truma boiler burner failed – replaced

Hopefully this list helps you know some of the things to look for when buying a similar motorhome, don’t forget to check out the article on issues with the Ducato/Boxer/Jumper/Relay base vehicle here.

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  1. Very helpful articles, thankyou so much! I be dealt with almost all of these issues – just now a replace/repair electroblock and a broken door latch. I would love to know where/how you located a replacement habitation exterior door handle/latch. My latch has just split off completely and I’m trying to work out how to find a replacement. (It’s a Hymer swing 2001). And suggestions?

    • Dan

      July 28, 2023 at 4:53 pm

      Hi Gemma – thanks for the comment 🙂 Our door latch was repaired rather than replaced (it was just the catch that holds the door when it is open that was replaced) You may need to use a Hymer dealer or a motorhome breaker/Parts specialist to find a replacement latch……Cheers, Dan

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