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Goodyear Snow Chains Review

On a lot of mountain roads in France it is a legal requirements to carry snow chains with you, and while proper Winter tyres make a lot of difference on snowy and icy roads, they will only get you so far (especially on big heavy two wheel drive vehicles like motorhomes!)

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Les Rousses

Les Rousses is a small ski resort in the Haut Jura region on the Frace-Switzerland border with 48km of Pistes. There is dedicated motorhome parking at the bottom of the Balancier chairlift with a Flot Bleu terminal for fresh water and waste discharge.

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The Valloire ski area is linked to Valmeinier and offers 150km of pistes. There is a serviced & barrier controlled Aire at the bottom of the Les Verneys chairlift that costs around 13 Euro per night and includes water/waste/power/WiFi. (There is a power connection for each spot, limited to 6 Amps)

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Motorhome bike rack ski rack conversion

Saw this recently on a van next to me in a ski resort car park – clever modification of a rear mounted bike rack to carry skis:-

It’s a set of standard, universal ‘gutter mount’ roof bars clamped to the bike carrying channels (the bars have been cut down to suit) Standard roof-bar ski carriers are then mounted to the bars, simple and cheap solution to carrying skis!

This approach could also be extended to anything designed to mount to roof bars, providing you don’t exceed the weight limit of your bike carrier………

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Ducato Cold Start / Flame Start system explained

The 8140.43 2.8L Diesel engine used in various Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Relay and other vans and MotorHomes uses a fairly unusual cold start system, here we’ll look at how it works so if you need to do any troubleshooting, you know where to start!

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Motorhome skiing – How much cheaper is it really?

A couple of years ago we decided to invest in a Motorhome. Our motivations were varied but the biggest decider for us was based on value for money (VFM). You can see our full thought process here.

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Refillable gas system or standard replaceable bottles? – a guide

A lot of information on the internet would suggest that swapping out your replaceable gas bottles for a refillable system is an upgrade that would benefit everyone, but as with many things the reality is a little more complicated…..

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La Clusaz

Just outside the resort of La Clusaz is a large free car park at the bottom of the Frenuy and La Balme gondolas, there are no facilities for servicing a motorhome here (apart from a toilet located at the gondola station, which is locked at night) but if you are carrying enough supplies for a couple of days it is a good stop off to explore the ski area.

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Preparing your motorhome for winter storage

Even if you use your motorhome regularly over the winter it is still vital you prepare it properly for any period of storage where the temperature is likely to drop below freezing. Failure to do this can cause expensive damage to your motorhome!

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Leisure Battery Care

12V batteries are often regarded as one of those ‘fit and forget’ items, but leisure batteries in motorhomes take a fair amount of abuse, and if you don’t look after them they may fail on you just when you need them most! Continue reading

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