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L322 Range Rover ZF 6HP Gearbox Connector Oil Leak Fix

A fairly common problem on the L322 Range Rover’s is an oil leak from the electrical connector on the ZF 6HP gearbox

This is usually due to the seal on the connector housing, fortunately is is a quick, easy and cheap to replace this part!

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L322 Range Rover Heated Steering Wheel troubleshooting

Most L322 Range Rovers come with a heated steering wheel, and it’s one of those little luxuries that you don’t think you need – then once you’ve had it you wonder how you ever survived without it!

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L322 Range Rover Parking Sensor Troubleshooting

Both me and a buddy of mine recently bought L322 Range Rovers, and both of the had faulty parking sensor systems! – here is some info on troubleshooting the system:-

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Range Rover Fuel Burning Heater Remote Control – from your phone for less than £10!

Having a remote control fuel burning heater allows you to warm your car from the comfort of your house – a definite bonus for cold British winters, no more scraping ice and freezing fingers on cold mornings!

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