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River & Canal Holidays in Europe

River & Canal Boating in France.


Quite by accident several years ago we stumbled onto an alternative kind of holiday.  A little tired of just getting a drivers tan each summer from road trips I craved something different but similar.

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Tips on choosing/modifying a Motorhome for the winter

Winter in a Motorhome? 

Many motorhome/camper owners just use their vans when the weather is warm, assuming ‘camping’ is just a fair weather pastime – but they are missing out on one of the best reasons for owning a motorhome – ski season!

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Buying ski lifts …Grave Yard Extraordinaire! Buy…Buy…BUY!

Want to buy a ski lift?!? Buying ski lifts made easy.

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And so the bus adventure begins…

The desire to buy a motor home came mainly from a realisation that we were spending a fortune each year paying off other people’s mortgages during ski season – anything from £300 to £1600 per week to use other people’s homes. Whilst the accommodation provided a nice base for a holiday it did prove a little restrictive as we found out one trip when the snow proved illusive but we were committed to a resort having paid for 2 weeks rental.

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