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River & Canal Holidays in Europe

River & Canal Boating in France.


Quite by accident several years ago we stumbled onto an alternative kind of holiday.  A little tired of just getting a drivers tan each summer from road trips I craved something different but similar.

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Winter Sports On A Budget! Part 1 – Getting There

How are you going to get there?

Options from the UK to the Alps: fly, drive (Eurotunnel or ferry) or train (Eurostar).

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Clarke IG950 800w Generator Review

‘Wild camping?’- This is what you need (in our humble opinion)

Generator Review – If you are going to spend considerable amounts of time ‘Wild camping’ your are going to need some way of re-charging your 12v batteries – while solar can be a good solution in the summer we needed something to support winter use in the mountains, where the sun is often too low to reach down into the valleys even on cloudless days!

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New Bukkits!

The ‘2 bucket method’

When winter camping lots of Motorhome travellers prefer to not use the on-board grey water tank, instead going with the ‘2 bucket method’

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Tips on choosing/modifying a Motorhome for the winter

Winter in a Motorhome? 

Many motorhome/camper owners just use their vans when the weather is warm, assuming ‘camping’ is just a fair weather pastime – but they are missing out on one of the best reasons for owning a motorhome – ski season!

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Super Besse Resort Review

Super Besse – A hidden gem and well worth a visit!

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How To – Efficiently empty your toilet casette

My tried and tested guide to emptying your porta potty toilet! (Black water)

As a relative newbie to the porta potty world (12 months in and countless “accidents”)

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How to – use the Mont Blanc Tunnel in a Motor Home

Crossing through the Mont Blanc Tunnel in a Motor home should be considered as an adventure in itself!

Italy calling…

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And so the bus adventure begins…

The desire to buy a motor home came mainly from a realisation that we were spending a fortune each year paying off other people’s mortgages during ski season – anything from £300 to £1600 per week to use other people’s homes. Whilst the accommodation provided a nice base for a holiday it did prove a little restrictive as we found out one trip when the snow proved illusive but we were committed to a resort having paid for 2 weeks rental.

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