The ‘2 bucket method’

When winter camping lots of Motorhome travellers prefer to not use the on-board grey water tank, instead going with the ‘2 bucket method’

This is where you leave the grey water drain open and let the water collect in a bucket under the drain. Having two buckets allows one to always be under the drain while you are emptying the other. 

This method is a good way around issues with drain valves freezing up (or even the entire grey water tank freezing solid!) on non-winterised vans.

Freezing has not been an issue so far on our old Hymer but we have realised there is a benefit to using buckets even if you don’t really need to – mainly that it can be a faff to move your bus just to service it when you are snowed in, wrapped up in insulated covers and with your steady legs frozen to the ground!

With this in mind we have treated ourselves to two shiney new 14 litre buckets ready for our next adventure 🙂