Welcome to Motor-Roam.co.uk!

We are Katie & Dan a mid 30’s couple with an insatiable desire to explore via any means that involves an engine! 

Lazy pool side all inclusive holidays simply don’t light our fire.

SO –  we have chosen over the years to spend our well earned vacations traveling around the world… seeking out new civilisations (a la Star Trek!) OK perhaps not new civilisations as such but certainly avoiding the masses where possible and finding our own little paradise.

Effective May 2019 we are now full time explorers! Following some careful planning and a lot of preparation we took the plunge and moved out of our bricks and mortar home and into our home with wheels! Keep an eye on the travel blog page to find out what we are up to or follow us on social media (links below)

Welcome to our little site! 

A collection of our ramblings from our travels by Motorhome, 4×4, car & boat. Use the menu at the top of this page to navigate to travel diaries, technical articles on vehicle preparation and maintenance, and other (hopefully) useful content………..

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