On a lot of mountain roads in France it is a legal requirements to carry snow chains with you, and while proper Winter tyres make a lot of difference on snowy and icy roads, they will only get you so far (especially on big heavy two wheel drive vehicles like motorhomes!)

Snow chains are a bit of a faff, but they make an incredible difference on hard packed snow and ice, we’re yet to encounter an icy climb we could make it up using our Goodyear chains.

There are lots of different snow chain options on the market, but we have found the Goodyear 12mm to be a good balance of price and durability – cheap chains are usually made of very small/weak links, and they can easily break under the strenuous use of a heavy vehicle, especially on uneven surfaces. This is not only inconvenient (as you can be left stranded!) but can also be dangerous as they can flail around when they break – risking damage to your vehicle, or worse, injuring bystanders!.

They come in a sturdy box, including some spare links for making repairs if they do get damaged and a pair of gloves (though a more sturdy pair of gloves is recommended, especially as it tends to be very cold and/or wet when you need to fit chains!)

There is a link below for the chains we use for our 215/75R16 tyres – note that it is important you get the right size chains for your tyres so if you need a different size make sure that you look at the other options in the listing.

We also have an article on the fitting process for these chains here

If you want to treat yourself I can also recommend a pair of these snow-chain gloves, they help keep your hands warm when working in the snow/ice and the extended cuffs keep your arms clean and dry when reaching round behind the tyre to fasten the chains!

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