Motorhomes are by their nature big heavy things, and often two wheel drive – due to this it is easy to get bogged down or stuck in sand, wet grass, snow etc.

For this reason a set of traction mats are an invaluable accessory! – from our off-roading days Maxtrax were the go-to item (they are amazingly effective!) but they are too big/heavy to cart around in the motorhome. We carry this cheap set of folding mats, and it has saved us on numerous occasions. If you get stuck, just stick the front end of a mat in front of each driven wheel, as as the wheel rotates it will pull the mat underneath and provide extra traction, allowing the stuck vehicle to drive out over the mat (to avoid getting stuck again it is best to keep going once you are moving until you reach solid ground, then walk back to collect the mats!)

So far they are holding up well for us, they seem to be made of good strong material, and even the hinges aren’t showing any damage after multiple uses.

We have also been able to use them to help out others, just recently we used them to help a couple whose car had sunk down to it’s chassis in soft sand just off the side of the road in western France.

Here is a link to the mats on Amazon:-

If you are lucky enough to have the space to carry them and want the ultimate gear, here is a link to the daddy of traction mats – MaxTrax!-

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