Love old cars and the culture, clothing and music of yesteryear? Then look no further!

Whilst on a river boating holiday along the Baise in South West France we reached the end of the navigable section when we arrived at Valence-Sur-Baise. In short you can’t travel any further down stream as it becomes to narrow and too fast flowing.

You can read more about that boating adventure here: Boating break in 2015

As fate would have it we arrived here on September 5th which is almost 10 days earlier than we had intended to due to some freak mother nature incident and a change to our cruise plans (see above link to read more on that!)

September 5th just also happened to be the annual Wild Shakin and car weekender in the nearby village of Maignaut-Tauzia. We found this out purely by chance reading the local notice board while out exploring.

Never ones to turn down a good party – We donned our best clothes and set off on our bikes to find said village to see what the gathering was all about. Here in started my love of all things 1940/50/60’s and our fortune of being in the right place at the right time (when it comes to random parties at least!)

We were not disappointed! It was already in full swing when we arrived with assorted period clothes stalls, food stands, a traditional barber, live band and countless classic cars to drool over!

You can find more photos from the event here

The part in Maignaut-Tauzia was run by the association “Arts and Spectacles Maignautois” in collaboration with the “Wild Car CC” (American car club, European and rock’n’roll, until 1980 for the Americans and 1965 for the Europeans). You can find out more about them here:

They seem to run things throughout the year so if you happen to be passing by you wont be disappointed checking out one of their parties!