Step a bit clunky?

Recently while I was investigating a faulty step warning buzzer I discovered a number of the teeth on the gear that actuates the step were very worn, which explains the rattly operation and occasional jumping of the step as it goes up and down. Here’s how I repaired the gear for free with a mig welder and an angle grinder…..

For reference this is the type of electric step we have on our 1999 Hymer B544 mechanism, it is a simple unit that folds out from the trim under the habitation door:-

This is the worn gear, you can see the section where the teeth have almost completely worn away:-


First step was to build up the worn area with the mig welder (I am by no means an expert welder, so please forgive the state of the weld!):-

Next it is just a case of re-cutting the teeth with a plasma disc in an angle grinder. The step is not a precision piece of equipment so it doesn’t need to be especially accurate!

Then just a case of putting the step back together, as a Haynes manual would say ‘reassembly is the reverse of removal’ – good as new 🙂