Quick job today – replacing the motorhome electric hook-up mains power inlet

The electrical inlet on the side of our 1999 Hymer B544, while still working OK, had turned an unsightly shade of yellow after 19 years on the van, the spring on the door had failed and so had the catch that held it closed – which resulted in it flapping about and banging on the side of the van as we drove along!

Fortunately replacing it is a quick, easy and cheap job:-

This is our original inlet – the same part is used on a wide variety of motorhomes and caravans across Europe

And this is the replacement part – available from the usual sources including eBay for around £10

Underneath the flap are four screws which secure the unit to the side of the van

Undo these and you can withdraw the whole unit from the van wall

Removing the cover from the back of the inlet reveals the electrical wiring

Simply undo the terminal screws the the two screws on the cable retainer to remove the old unit

Thread the wiring through the rear cover of the new unit and connect up the wires – make sure you connect up the L, N and Earth connections to the correct terminals!

Pop the rear cover back in place

And screw the new unit back into the van wall

All done!, £10 and less than 30 mins and the van looks much smarter for it!