We recently had another issue with our 20 year old motorhome fridge – on arriving at an aire in France the fridge gas burner would not light, and with no electric hook-up available we had no other option than running it on gas.

The burner had been recently replaced, the flue had been recently cleaned and the gas supply to the other appliances was fine and we could hear the ignitor ticking away, so I was confident the gas supply was OK and the ignitor was operating.

I removed the lower fridge vent for inspection and on removal of the burner discovered this:-

The flue baffle had dropped in the flue and was contacting the burner/ignitor…..

The flue baffle that is held in the centre of the flue had dropped into the burner, contacting the ignitor. This was shorting out the ignitor to the burner assembly preventing it from generating the required spark to ignite the gas.

With a bit of fiddling the baffle was extracted from the bottom of the flue, and then re-inserted in the top of the flue through the upper flue vent and secured back in place – a 20 minute fix requiring just a couple of screwdrivers and the fridge is back up and running properly again!

You can find a more detailed article on servicing the burner & flue here, a general fridge troubleshooting article here, and an article on removing the fridge for a more detailed inspection here.

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