Broken Grey Water Drain Valve Replacement

While up at 1350m in Montalbert in the Alps the handle that operates the grey water drain valve on our 1999 Hymer B544 decided to snap off! Fortunately, I managed to get hold of a replacement valve, unfortunately changing it meant lying underneath the van on an icy carpark at -2degC…..

Replacing the valve itself is pretty straightforward, first job is to remove the access panel on the waste tank outlet to see what you are dealing with

Grey water drain access panel – the square panel at the top of the photo secured with six screws

With the access panel removed you can see the actual drain valve – in this photo you can see the valve together with the snapped of handle, coming in from the top of the photo

To replace the valve, simply pull the waste pipe out of the end of the valve (the left hand side in the above photo) and unscrew the large knurled collar. This will allow the valve body to be removed. Slide the new valve into place and re-tighten the knurled collar. Slide the handle into position, re-fit the waste pipe & you’re all done!

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  1. Where did you get the replacement dump valve.

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