When we picked up the bus the one of the hinges on the kitchen sky light was broken so it didn’t latch properly, and the plastic was badly yellowed. I wasn’t able to find a direct replacement so started hunting for an alternative solution, that ideally didn’t need any modifications to the roof itself to get it to fit.

Fortunately Italian company Fiamma make a 40x40cm rooflight that fits perfectly in the existing roof opening:-

It is available in white or smoked finish, comes with a built in fly screen and can be purchased with optional roller blinds or am insulated screen to help reduce heat loss in the winter. As we use our bus for winter snowboard trips I went with the thermo screen.

Fitting is a simple matter of removing the existing vent (a bit of a fight as adhesive sealant is used to secure it to the roof), cleaning up the old sealant, dropping the new vent into place with new sealant (I used black Sikaflex) and fastening it together using the supplied fixings.

New vent in place:-

Vent open:-

With thermo screen fitted:-

The themo screen is a fairly low tech affair, just an insulated panel that comes with three plastic ‘u’ channels that you stick onto the existing vent to allow the screen to slide into place. Double sided tape is supplied to fix the channels but the supplied stuff is a waste of time and our screen fell off within a day of fitting it!. After cleaning the old tape off and replacing it with proper 3M double sided foam tape it has stayed put since………..


Fiamma roof vent

Fiamma vent accessories