In order to get to the lower fridge vent on many Hymer models with a rear kitchen it is necessary to remove the rear bumper – here’s how to do it on a late 90’s-early 00’s model

On some models there are fixing screws behind the lights and number plate – but not on this one, so no need to remove anything from the bumper

The bumper is held onto the rear of the van with screws along the top edge and down the side, mostly hidden under a flexible trim strip

There are typically two screws under the vertical trim strip on either side of the bumper…..

…..and a number of screws underneath the horizontal trim strip across the back of the bumper

There is also a screw on each bottom corner through the plastic of the bumper into the aluminium body

Note – it is useful to have some help on hand to hold the bumper while you remove the last of the screws, as with them removed there is nothing to stop the bumper falling off the back of the van!

The bumper can’t be removed completely without disconnecting the wiring for the lights, but by placing something underneath it to support it you can lower it out of the way to expose the fridge vent with the wiring still attached – as shown here

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