Hymer Headlight Leveler Repair

A common issue on Hymer B-class motorhomes seems to be the headlight height adjustment failing.

The system is hydraulic and consists of a main unit on the back of height adjuster knob in the dash connected to hydraulic actuators on the headlights themselves via tubing. Over time the oil can leak out of the system leaving the headlights in their lowest position.

Fortunately replacement parts are available. Unfortunately it is a sealed system that needs to be replaced as a whole, and is likely to cost over £100 for the parts! Occasionally you might get lucky and find cheaper parts overseas.  I managed to get parts shipped from Germany which saved a decent amount versus buying them in the UK.

This is the system as supplied (as modeled by Muffin) with the dash mounted unit on the top right. You can see one of the headlight actuators at the end of the blue hose on the bottom left (the other headlight unit is hidden behind Muffin’s sleeve!)

First step in replacing this lot is to get the old unit out of the van! If you pull the adjuster knob off on the dashboard you can get to the two fixing screws that hold the adjuster.

The hoses on the adjuster go up underneath the dashboard to the bulkhead where they pass through a grommet into the engine bay. 

Here you can see the grommet and hoses on the bulkhead:-

Next step is to remove the actuators from the back of the headlight units – these just twist to unclip.

You can just about see one of the actuators to the right of the headlight unit here (looking down from the top):-

Once you’ve removed both actuators from the headlights you need to poke the grommet through the bulkhead (from the engine side) and feed the hoses complete with actuators through the hole in the bulkhead to underneath the dashboard. The whole lot can then be pulled out from under the dash.

Fitting the new system is effectively the reverse of removal:

  1. Feed the actuators though to the engine compartment from the dashboard side and seat the grommet in the bulkhead.
  2. Route the hoses to the headlights and clip on the actuators.
  3. Attach the switch unit to the back of the adjuster knob. 


In reality it’s a bit more difficult than that makes it sound as access/visibility under the dash is limited, and access to the headlights requires a bit of a contortionist act.  It’s all do-able with a bit of grunting and swearing.

Here’s Muffin in position feeding the actuators through the hole in the bulkhead:-

Total repair time – a couple of hours including brew breaks……..


  1. Great article. The leveller unit on my Hymer B584 has now failed. Could you let me know where you managed to get your replacement unit from.

    Best regards

    • Hi David, thanks for the comment, I’ll have to dig out the details of where I found it next week, it was somewhere in Germany!…I’ll update here when I’ve got the details! Cheers, Dan

      • Hi again David – the headlight leveller came via eBay from these guys:- http://www.eminiatrading.com/index.php, if you drop them a line they may be able to help you out. Cheers, Dan

        • Hi David.
          Your article is very useful and informative and a great help.
          I have the same problem with my (Fiat) B644 Hymer – one side having failed. Have been in touch with Eminia Trading who can not help! Do you have the Fiat part number for me to continue my search, please?
          Many thanks

          • Hi Peter – from my notes the Fiat part number appears to be 1301157080, there are a few options available on auto-doc but these guys look like they have the part for just under 50euro currently :- linky (Note – I’ve got no connection with this company & have no idea if they are reliable etc., it’s just something that came up on an internet search!)
            Hope this helps, Cheers, Dan

  2. Hi, really helpful article.
    Is there any chance you can reply to my comment to confirm if this is the same part for my 2001 fiat ducato 1.9td motorhome which is a autocruise vista.
    Cheers Darren

    • Hi Darren – I’m afraid I don’t know what your particular motorhome uses, but from memory there is a part number of the body of the main adjuster unit (the bit behind the dash). If you can get to this you should be able to check the parts number to confirm. Hope this helps, Cheers, Dan

      • Yes it’s the same system on the fiat Ducato 1.9td my mot inspector has realised its not working and has failed my motor home

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