Here are some torque settings I have found around the web for the Fiat Ducato 230 with the 2.8td engine – they are not my numbers so I can’t guarantee the accuracy but hopefully they will be useful:-

Cylinder Head Bolts – Stage 1 60Nm, Stage 2 60Nm, Stage 3 angle tighten 180 degrees

Main Bearings – Stage 1 45-55Nm, Stage 2 angle tighten 90 dgress

Big End Bearings – Stage 1 45-55Nm, Stage 2 angle tighten 63 degress

Sump Bolts – 18Nm

Flywheel/Driveplate – Stage 1 27-33Nm, Stage 2 angle tighten 90 degress

Crankshaft pulley centre bolt – 200Nm

Camshaft Sprocket – 25Nm

Camshaft Carrier/Cap – 18Nm

Camshaft/Rocker Cover – 10Nm

Inlet Manifold to Cylinder Head – 25Nm

Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Head – 21-26Nm

Injector/Clamp – 26-32Nm

Injector Pipe Unions – 25-33Nm

Fuel Injection Pump Sprocket – 100Nm

Fuel Injection Pump Flange – 25Nm

Fuel Injection Pump Mounting – 40Nm

Glow Plugs – 35Nm

Front Hub Nut – 450Nm (1800kg payload 495Nm)

Steering Track Rod End – 70Nm

Front Brake Caliper Carrier to Hub – 210Nm

Road Wheels – 160Nm

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