Gites La Colombiere

What do you get when you mix a group of total strangers, a delicious Hairy Bikers recipe, a platter of deserts, copious amounts of wine and a sun set to die for? Well…a bloody wonderful evening that’s what!

While pootling around central France in the pursuit of the pipe dream (an existence away from the 9-5 office grind, a mortgage noose and the constant contemplation of seeking something better then simply existing) we decide to reach out to a friend of a friend of a friend (quite literally).

Through the grape vine we hear about Richard and Eileen who live somewhere in the Dordogne and who by all accounts have achieved the dream. Our dream.

A few emails later…

They welcome us with open arms, an offer of dinner and somewhere to “pitch” our short bus for the night. We rock up on a stunning Thursday afternoon with our poison of choice, a pot plant, a platter of deserts and a list of questions as long as your arm.

A truly lovely evening was spent absorbing anything and everything they had to share about making the move. No question felt too small and burdensome. They opened their home and their thoughts to us to learn and plan from.

Everything from inheritance laws to yoga classes, septic tanks, laundry and Tesco shopping were discussed and the following morning we were treated to a full guided tour of their estate while they shared their long term vision with us and all the work still to do.

A huge reality check really.

Any dream requires work for sure and we are not afraid to graft but our take away validated our preconception – work is never a chore if its your passion.

Quite a magnificent insight into the “real” world in what can only be described as a picture perfect setting.

Gites La Colombiere is simply breath-taking and its the gift that keeps on giving. The views have the wow factor and the accommodations are delightful and spacious.

Having never met either Richard or Eileen before that evening they made us feel so welcome and we left feeling optimistic and with the knowledge that France could hold a little community just for us.

Check out their place through the below link:

Gites La Colombiere