Recently we needed to reinsure our motorhome. We always shop around and in previous years Adrian Flux has won our business for the best price/ package.

Historically we have been happy with a max of 90 days usage abroad. A lot of insurers cap your non UK usage quite possibly to stop you having fun? But more likely to keep their costs down.

Insurance can be somewhat of a dark art and there sometimes feels to be no obvious rhyme or reason to the numbers they quote.

Sure, there are things that you can do to help reduce your premiums – not having accidents is a really good one for that! You can also join motorhome clubs, do advanced driving qualifications, read the small print to remove the stuff you really don’t need or even have another vehicle that you own and drive from time to time. Age and experience are also good cost reduction opportunities..

This year we spoke to 4 different companies and the quotes ranged from £450 to £1200 (how they can be so different for exactly the same level of cover escapes me!)

Last year for 90 days EU cover plus 60 days EU breakdown we paid around £350 for two adults with a couple of claims (non fault).

This year we needed to up our EU cover (due to our traveling adventure) and sought 365 days of EU cover. There are companies out there that do this but “full timing” in your motorhome makes it expensive!

We still have our “home” in the UK so whilst we are traveling a lot we are not technically “full timers”.

Adrian flux won our business again (for the 3rd year running) with a really reasonable quote of £450 which includes year round EU cover but with the caveat that you must return to the UK at least once every 180 days.

The other insurers we spoke to (even with club membership discounts) were significantly more expensive.

One thing we don’t have this year is EU breakdown cover but we are ok with this for a number of reasons. Dan is pretty nifty with a spanner and vehicles  generally and so is able to keep our home on wheels in tip top shape and fix most issues and historically we have required EU breakdown to ensure we can get back to the UK (for work) – now an extra few weeks parked up somewhere whilst we fix whatever has gone wrong is not so much of an issue!