Looking for an ideal travel cooking companion?

Something that’s lightweight, versatile and lets be honest looks freaking cool?!?

Look no further! The Cobb BBQ/ Cooker ticks all our boxes!

As we wander from resort to resort/ location to location  in the Short Bus Hymer B544 our trusty steed does not come fitted with an oven and sometimes you just can’t beat a good old roast dinner.

The Cobb can cook a perfect roast, slow cook a fab joint, sizzle some great steak or just BBQ your chosen veg. Its even capable of cooking up a tasty pizza!

The Cobb stones that you can buy to use with the cooker last for a whole 2 hours plus which means that you start it all off and then leave it to do its thing. We really liked the fact that we can cook a whole roast at the same time and the meat juices drizzle down and coat the potatoes and veg in the lower compartment. You can use normal BBQ coals but we find these take more attention and therefore less hassle free.

After a long day on the road or on the pistes we stick this on as soon as we get back to camp (Short bus/ roof tent/ boat or other) and chill out for a couple of hours before dinner is served. 

It even comes with a handy bag to keep everything in one place and clean.

Enjoy! (We are in no way affiliated with this company! Just know a good thing when we see it)