A question that comes up a lot on motorhome & caravan forums is ‘what’s the best 12V TV?’ – with the replies usually being units from either Cello or Avtex, depending on the personal preference of the responder………..

These TV’s are marketed specifically at the leisure market and generally get good reviews, however they are generally considerably more expensive than home units and I have seen concerns about sound quality/viewing angles etc.

There is a solution however where you can get a quality TV from a major brand, with sound quality capable of filling a large space, good viewing angles etc etc. – and will run directly of the 12V power supply in your caravan/motorhome!

Just look for a domestic TV that meets your specification and that uses an external power supply that converts to 12(ish) Volts DC, and connect it directly to your 12V power without using the bundled power supply.

I’ve been using a Samsung 24″ TV in my motorhome for many years now and it has easily stood up to the rigours of life on the road. The particular unit I have isn’t made anymore but a quick bit of googling found a number of other Samsung units that have the same power supply arrangement. You can read about how I connected up our TV here – https://motor-roam.co.uk/converting-a-domestic-tv-for-use-in-a-motorhome

You can of course pick a unit that has whatever features you need, but as we stream everything we watch to our TV we really only need a HDMI input! If you are the same it also opens up the option to use a monitor instead of a TV, I particularly like the look of this curved Samsung 27″ FullHD unit (C27F390FHU), available for just £169.99 at the time of writing:-

Note: This particular monitor doesn’t have any built in speakers, but if you use a soundbar or connect it to your motorhome stereo via the headphone jack then there is no need to buy a unit with built in speakers!

Do you have a favorite TV that you use in your rig? – let us know in the comments below!

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