Its fair to say that countries on the mainland (mainland Europe) have it pretty sweet when it comes to provisions for Motorhomes. Its a totally different ethos to the majority of the UK. Touring in your home on wheels in France, Germany, Spain etc is a pleasure (most of the time) and the culture seems to really embrace motorhomers with free aires and service areas a plenty.

Question is – Are we therefore spoilt when we try to conjure the same experience in the UK?

Typically a UK Motorhomer has to be a little less spontaneous when it comes to general bus servicing. Planning ahead in terms of taking on fresh water or dumping your black waste. The rules about wild camping are also far more rigid for most of the UK and campsites seems to be a lot less accommodating about rocking up later in the day and require booking in advance. 

Maybe it just as simple as the Weather?

Does sunshine equal a more enjoyable and laid back experience? Sure blue skies help and do lessen the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) symptoms which may make me grumpier than most about having to be a little more organised!

Having just returned from a cheeky night away in Frau, we found a cracking little site in a stunning river side location not far from Leominster. All the usual gripes remain but Arrow Bank in Eardisland somehow managed to dull those into insignificance. A thoroughly well considered campsite where the little touches made all the difference. By little touches I am talking about the fact that they offer free washing up liquid in the dish washing area, a little library of good reads, an area with lots of local information and brilliant shower facilities. Each pitch had all its own services (Premier pitches) and the site layout was clean and well appointed. The site was also incredibly friendly and offered free fishing for those into that kinda thing.

The disappointing downside to this great site is the price! £25.00 a night! Thats HUGE! 

It seems therefore possible to have the “experience” in the UK but you have got to pay through the nose for it!

Worth a visit none the less as the village of Eardisland sits on the Cider trail and the Black and White house trail which are both well worth investigating (covering all bases…cultural and alcoholic). Keep in mind Village provisions are limited so stock up on supplies before arriving. 

Cider Route

The Black and White Trail