So you may have seen me mention a few weeks back that a number of you from this wonderful group had reached out and invited us to come and visit you to see your little pieces of paradise you have decided to call home.Wendy Anderson is one of those amazing people! She joined the group only a few weeks ago and immediately got in touch to invite us round for lunch or dinner OR BOTH!

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Wendy and her husband Simon are just 9 weeks into their new life in France but spent a number of years researching and visiting and have settled in to a lovely village near Homps and the Canal du midi called Tourouzelle.

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We really didn’t know what to expect and had only exchanged a few messages in advance but we arrived and immediately felt relaxed in their amazing home.Traditional French homes are so very different to British homes. Everything from layout to soft furnishings and theirs has some stunning features.Our lunch, a BBQ in the court yard, was delicious! We were certainly treated!

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The courses just kept coming and the conversation flowed. Lunch, for us anyways, does not tend to last for close to 5 hours but the time literally flew by and we felt like we were in the company of good friends. An added bonus was to meet Simon’s daughter who is about the start secondary school in the UK and Hannah who is a US student currently studying at St Andrews in Scotland and is spending her summer doing “Workaways”.We learned all about their lives and plans for the property and future business ideas (which sound amazing and I can’t wait to share more details about them with you!)There are so many things I could tell you about this experience but this would turn into a super long post! Instead I want to focus on some key pieces of information that we have taken away from our lovey visit.

  1. Networks are super important and language does not need to be a barrier. Wendy recently needed to visit the vet with their dog Loki but without transport of her own (the car was back in the UK) she started to walk to the next town. A local from the village spotted her on the road and offered her a lift and then returned after the appointment to take her home again. Before that day only passing pleasantries had occurred with the occasional Bonjour – they are now firm friends.
  2. Patience is key over here. Things do not happen immediately and you need to persevere sometimes thinking about outside of the box to get the job done. Like the fact that their boiler broke almost immediately and they have created an ingenious hot water solution on the terrace using old water bottles in the midday sun.
  3. Have a vision but be ready to modify along the way. On paper their new home does not tick all their original “boxes” but in reality the home and the village found them and needs them. They are a team.
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Thank you so much to Wendy and Simon for sharing their lives with us for the afternoon! We loved every second and can’t wait to come back!