North West of Narbonne – A stunning location found and documented AND my personal debut into the world of YouTube.

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Check out the linky below to see the must watch video and please do let me have your feedback! Its my first shot at “vlogging”so still lots to learn but its a start! You can now subscribe to us on Youtube! Exciting times.

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So having successfully navigated to Narbonne and handing back our boat we decamped back into the bus, said goodbye to our temporary boat neighbours and set off for our next location.

Now it seams that motorhome aires are a little few and far between near the canal du midi – certainly outside of the major towns (which we tend to avoid). Our primary goal was to find water as we had drained down the system ahead of picking up the boat. Stagnating water in hot conditions is a recipe for trouble.

Campercontact told us the nearest location was 16km away so we set off towards Minerve little did we appreciate what we would find. I am going to (again) break with tradition here and let the images do the talking.

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This place literally blew my mind. We rounded the corner on the approach perhaps 3 miles out and this vast gorge came into view. I had zero idea that terrain of this nature existed in this part of France and it felt like being transported to a whole new part of the world.

Check it out – you will most certainly not be disappointed!**edit – video information error…the gorge was NOT formed by a glacier 50 million years ago! It WAS however formed by a river called Brian (I kid you not) 50 million years ago!